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Global Client Resources provides assistance with your everyday personal/small business computer repairs, routine maintenance, networking, hardware and software, security, installation, system upgrade needs, web design and more.


Free evaluations

No fee, if repair can not be fixed by us

Problems with internet connection
Network installation and/or repair
System upgrades
System maintenance
Slow computer
Laptop hinge broken
Laptop screen damage
Computer not turning on/shutting down
Malware (adware, virus or etc.) infection
Back-up system
Network support/configuration
Anti-virus/anti-malware software and much more


We currently service Apple, Android and Windows devices


Image by Praveen kumar Mathivanan

We make networking easy by linking systems together as one. Whether it's a home office or a small business. We can help get your network running correctly and efficiently. 

Hardware and Software Repairs

We offer repairs on your hardware and software devices. From broken screens to broken keys, we can fix them.


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We provide free consultations concerning upgrades on hardware and software equipment. We also sell devices at  reasonable cost.  


hard drive replacement.png

We install software and hardware for various system and office needs. 


Routine Services

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We provide regular routine maintenance on hard drives, printers, scanners, and other office equipment to help you save time. We help clean and make your system more efficiently. We have perform back-ups on system (scheduled or routine). 



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We help provide the latest protection on your computer systems and will keep your system up-to-date against the latest malware infections. We also provide end-user education on various cybersecurity topics for small businesses.

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